AEDU UK Trustees


Arjun Mahendran is a graduate in Philosophy and Theology. Whilst at University, he was first vice-president and then president of the Tamil Society helping organisations in Sri Lanka through the network of Sri Lankan and Tamil societies at universities across the country. Arjun joined AEDU UK to continue his support towards projects in Sri Lanka. With his background in Policy and Management, he has created presentation material and provided fund-raising ideas.

Baheerathan Amirthalingam is a founder member of AEDU and has been working as a co-ordinator for the last 9 years alongside working as a consultant psychiatrist in the UK. Having left Sri Lanka, partly as a result of the civil war, he has been involved with a Sri Lankan Tamil Cultural School in London and still feels the responsibility to improving conditions at home. Brought up in a family that was highly involved in our social community, he is deeply concerned for underprivileged children and is aware of the power that education can give them. The current standards of education in Sri Lanka requires much improvement, particularly in impoverished areas that were affected by the civil war.

Gana Nathan did his schooling at Jaffna Hindu College and Vavuniya Mathya Mahavidiyalayam.  He was an active Red Cross Society member whilst studying in Vavuniya. As a child, he lived in Sri Lanka through the war and saw the impact and devastation it caused. He moved to the UK and did his degree in IT (Information Technology) and currently works as an IT Consultant in London.  He has a passion for helping children who have suffered in Sri Lanka. 

Gangeswaran Arumugam graduated with degree in BCom, and did his post graduate diploma in Management Studies in the UK. He is a retired accountant and has been involved with a Tamil school in Kingston for more than fifteen years. He joined AEDU to help the education of students in Sri Lanka.

Poornima Karunacadacharan is personally and professionally committed to the promotion of equality and human rights.  She has a BA in Peace Studies, MSc in Development Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Law.  She is a Barrister. Poornima is employed as a Senior Policy Officer for a charity organisation.  She has been involved in many pro-bono activities advocating and campaigning for equality rights both in the UK and in Sri Lanka. Having worked professionally within the charity sector for the past 8 years, she has experience in project planning, delivery, event co-ordination, public relations and fund raising.

Sambavi Sathiyamoorthy graduated with a B.A degree. She has retired from teaching Geography at two comprehensive schools in Essex. Sambavi worked for Oxfam in varying capacities from 1975 to 2006. She joined AEDU in 2010. Her teaching skills in communication, writing reports, initiating policies and drafting supporting documents and commitment to attain targets, enabled her to serve as Secretary from 2010- 2013 and as Assistant Secretary for the following two years.

Shankar Sangaravel is a graduate with degrees in Botany and Accounts & Finance. He is currently employed as Finance Accountant. He has had long standing interest in charity work, stretching back to his student days. His knowledge, skills and experience in accounting is of immense value to AEDU UK.

Somasuntharam Paramasamy has always been passionate and dedicated to helping those in need and those less fortunate than himself. The grim consequences of a civil war left many Tamils in Sri Lanka without family, friends, homes and even an identity. He strongly believes that a society left devastated by war can only move forward by nurturing the future generations with education and empathy. He works to encourage those in more fortunate positions to help provide for these children and their families back home, so that they can one day build a life for themselves, support their own families and work selflessly to do the same for those less privileged. Since joining AEDU in 2009, he has worked alongside the team members and friends to help build this charity into the success that it is today. Currently he works as an office manager of Soma Solicitors.

Subathra Poopalasundaram is a research scientist with a degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Neurobiology. She is also a private tutor, coach and mentor with over 25 years of experience in various academic institutions in the UK. She joined AEDU UK wanting to make a profound impact helping underprivileged children. Subathra has served as Chairperson and Secretary and has been involved with the charity’s fundraising activities.

Thenuka Jegatheeswaram Pillai is a science graduate and has been working in project and programme management in the public sector for over 15 years. Thenuka joined AEDU UK as she strongly believes all children are entitled to an education, no matter what their background is. As a trustee she has helped with several fund raising events and has served as Secretary and Assistant Secretary.