Mr Paramasamy Somasuntharam BA

From a young age, I have always been passionate and dedicated to helping those in need and those less fortunate than myself. The grim consequences of a civil war left many Tamils in Sri-Lanka without family, friends, homes and even an identity. I strongly believe that a society left devastated by war can only move forward by nurturing the future generations with education and empathy. 

I work to encourage those in more fortunate positions to help provide for these children and their families back home, so that they can one day build a life for themselves, support their own families and work selflessly to do the same for those less privileged. Since joining AEDU in 2009, I have worked alongside our team members and friends to help build this charity into the success that it is today. Currently I work as office manager of Soma Solicitors and reside in London, UK.